Friday, May 13, 2011

The Very Beginnings


Growing up in rodeo my entire life, I am utterly excited to have this opportunity to allow my education to not only let me learn from my passion, but also share my findings with the world. I developed this blog to give insight to my undergraduate research project challenging the misconceptions of the professional sport of rodeo.

This study will consist of defining the many fallacies of the industry, and addressing them with factual evidence provided by specialists in each area of the rodeo world. I will take video documentation of each interview and create a series of videos as well as one final DVD for educational use at Texas A&M.

My goal of this project is to widen the understanding of the sport and clear any anti-rodeo attitudes that have led to misunderstandings of the dynamics of rodeo.

I am eager to get on the road and head to my first destination tomorrow, Jasper, Texas, where I will meet with professional bullfighters Wacey Munsell and Aaron Ferguson who will tackle some of the most asked questions and address some of the preconcieved notions of their division of rodeo.

And so the story begins!

Happy Trails,

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