Friday, September 30, 2011

Rodeo is a LIVING sport

Hi guys!
Sorry its been so long since my last post, the project has somewhat slowed down with the video footage, and I have mainly been working on the editing/production side behind the scenes! But-I plan on keeping this a running blog!

So, tonight I am headed with my roommate, Elizabeth Soloman to the Waller County Fair and Rodeo, which I am proud to announce that it is for the first time in 66, yes SIXTY SIX years is a PRO rodeo, PRCA sanctioned.

Congrats to Waller! I am so proud to know that rodeo is ALIVE and WELL.

Not only is it challenging the misconception that rodeo is a "dying" sport. Not only is Waller taking rodeo to the professional ranks, but they are also giving back to the cowboys. Each event winner will receive beautiful Montana Silversmith Buckles, they are eligible to receive gas cards by supporting the theme "Riding For The Ribbon" , which is endorsed by the Tough Enough To wear Pink. To top it off- They are putting in $3,000 added in each event.

Liz and I are carrying flags at the rodeo, and I would love for all rodeo enthusiasts in the Brazos Valley to come and see how professional rodeo is thriving in south east Texas!

Liz and I with Mr. and Mrs. Carr, the stock contractors and Mr. Cannon getting ready for the rodeo!

Come see us! Long Live Cowboys!


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